The hotel room for the wedding night, all the taboos and the risk between the elegant and the white-trash!

The wedding night is one of the hottest topics and taboos in wedding

The organization of the room in the hotel for the wedding night is not a trivial matter and nothing can be left to chance.
Forget those who say that love is the only thing that matters, who says it’s not the first night as important as it seems and that we must be spontaneous and that is enough.

It ‘s all true, but only if at the same time you keep eyes firmly fixed on the ball, and that is that the show is as important as why you do the fateful step, and is also the reason why your marriage as revolves around love, is full of preparation and construction, flowers, people, food, music and a ladder that is essential to follow because every action has the right time and the right space to give the best result, behold, same thing should happen when the siparo falls and the lights go down.

Our thirty years of experience has led us to serious considerations (surrounded of irony and sympathy) as we really got to see them in all colors and much of what is not seen, should be taken into due consideration rather than, as the risk is not only that of failing forgetting important elements but also to go beyond the fine line between the sober elegance and appreciated and more provincial ridiculous.

Yes, even ridicule you can slip, also spending extravagant amounts of money you can make it all in vain with an inappropriate choice.
There is great confusion about the wedding night and that’s why we set out to do great clarity with a hint of irony.
To us it is granted because we have endured absurd requests and oddities of all kinds.

Did you know that 50% of marriages do not see a wedding night scene of a sexual performance?

The first basic point of discussion and understanding is the fact that, first of all, the wedding night is very different argument from his point of view he compared her to his point of view and that is why we are going to start dividing drastically the article into two parts: “He” and “She.”


… It fits almost exclusively to have an early night. Of course not, we like to joke about it, it is true that for him it is a fixed point, and we will see why.

Do not be fooled, it is the accountant with the bald head or the last of tronisti of Maria De Filippi, everyone, and we tell everyone, they did more than a little thought to the wedding night and fantasies are the most unexpected.
But if one side is the fantasy to create the first “pleasure” is also true that, at the same time, salt the performance anxiety since the first night night is unique so there is no right of appeal. So then one of the key points to consider is the amount of alcohol that can be granted to a newly one’s spouse that night. Never the less we have to consider his diet. But we go to order, small steps, and start from the beginning with our ten tips you will read, one for her one for him, in future articles. Follow us!


… He says do not think about it but we think, we think and how! … Although in a completely different way from him. But in women’s field, as with all things female field, the plot thickens and the problem is complicated and also as for him, suggest ten points, ten tips, one for each of the next few articles, which reflect it, follow us!