Alberto Melari personal exposition

Exposition in Hotel Fonte Cesia

Alberto Melari personal exposition.

Alberto Melari was born in Foligno on the 8th June 1972 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and at the same time the study of painting of master Giovanni Crisistomo.  The vibrant cultural field of the Bologna Academy provides him the opportunity to meet artists of great stature, like Leonardo Cremonini.  In those years he devoted himself to comic strips and the publisher Franco Cosimo Panini add him  among the authors of the famous organizing-calendar called Comix since the year 2004, allowing him to be one of the cartoonists loved by younger generations with his character, a little Indian, called Penna di Tacchino (Turkey Pen).

The Bologna years are also those where it meets the English poet Peter Irwin Russell and thanks to the mediation of the Roman publisher Valeria Borgia he began to publish some texts in the literary magazine of Tam-Tam. In the same period he made a series of graphics that illustrate some songs of Branduardi, a famous Italian musician and singer. The drawings, published in the web, are  spread across Europe and are associated with news regarding to the music of Branduardi. The high level of his graphics is remarked by the European Fans Club of Branduardi and the author invited him to take part in a major exhibition in Cuggiono (MI) where he collected a great success and became a friend of the singer.

In Bologna it is selected for a group exhibition at the ancient salt Baraccano, sponsored by the Academy of Fine Arts. Recently he painted the book of “La legenda di Jacopone da Todi”.